GWS 10" Jumbo CTO Carbon Block Filter (5 Micron)

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If your drinking water suffers from chlorine or other disagreeable odors, GWS media cartridges are the perfect solution. Using the highest-grade, sustainably sourced 100% pure coconut shell carbon, our carbon block cartridges capture impurities that cause unpleasant tastes and odors, and leave you with nothing but fresh, clean-tasting water.

Protects the Safety of Drinking Water with Increased Chlorine Removal Efficiency
100% pure coconut shell activated carbon with an iodine number of 1,000 for improved chlorine removal efficiency



  • O.D. x Length: 4.5” x 10” (110mm x 254mm)
  • Chlorine Removal Capacity @ Specified Flow Rate*: >60,000 gal @ 2.0 gpm
  • Initial ∆P @ Specified Flow Rate: 3.0 psid @ 3 gpm
  • Product Series Name: Carbon Block Series
  • Min. Operating Temperature: 4.4°C / 40°F
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 40°C / 104°F
  • Nominal Micron Rating: 5 micron