Glong HMP-Auto Water Pump System 1HP

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To work with clean water in domestic applications, irrigation, and hydro-pneumatic sets.

  • Pump body and impellers in stainless steel AISI-304.
  • Motor shaft in stainless steel AISI-420.
  • Diffusers in glass loaded polymer.
  • Suction and discharge mountings in cast iron.
  • Motor housing in aluminum L-2521.
  • HMP-P self-priming up to 2m. For domestic and industrial supplies irrigation and hydro-pneumatic sets.
    HMP built-in self-priming valve, not very sensitive to impurities. Self-priming up to 9m. To work with clean water in domestic and industrial application, irrigation, and pressure sets.

 1HP Glong Water Pump

  • Water pump 50 l/min
  • 2850 rpm
  • Max Head - 45 (m)
  • Suction Head - 9 (m)
  • 750 watts Bore: 1''X1''
  • Stainless Steel Brass Impeller
  • NSK Bearings
  • Metalized Carbon Seal

 24L Glong Pressure Tank

  • Cast Iron
  • Horizontal 

Available in 110V and 220V

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