Glong Water Pump 0.5HP

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The GPM series are Peripheral Pumps, which is due to  the peripheral edge of the impeller contains numerous radial blades, designed to yield energy the fluid being pumped. The particular shape of the blades transfers rapidly radial reticulation motion to the fluid entry of the pump, between the impeller blades and the double channels, machined on each side of the pump body. Since each of the numerous blades helps transfer energy, the fluid pressure increases progressively as it passes from the suction opening to the delivery opening, ensuring an ever, non-pulsing flow and high pressures with particular steep curves. The relative sin construction technology embodied in the GPM series nevertheless requires particularly accurate mechanical machine during manufacture to prevent a drop in performance.

Performance Range:
Flow rate up to 60L/min (3.6 m3/h)
Dynamic head up to 66m

Operating Limits:
Suction lift up to 8m
Fluid temperature up to +60°C
Maximum ambient temperature +40°C


  • Power: 1/2HP
  • Rated Voltage: 110V / 50Hz
  • Waterpump. 30 l/min
  • R.P.M: 2850 
  • Max Head: 35 (m)
  • 370 watts
  • Bore: 1''X1''