Tritronic Ultimate Digital Surge Protector Module

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  • MODEL IP35M220 is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from abnormal high and low voltages.
  • This digital surge module is super fast and will indicate by means of its onboard LED display if a fault has occurred.
  • The dual current (selectable) mode of this IP35M protector makes it ideal for small to large size equipment like inverter air conditioner, ice-maker and other industrial machine.
  • Intelligent protection is achieved by the onboard microprocessor and a fast voltage and over current cutout circuit.
  • Input: 220V, 50/60Hz,
  • Output: 20/30 Amps selectable
  • Delay on time: 30 Seconds
  • Over-current protection
  • Non-stop voltage monitoring
  • Dual current mode switch
  • Quick connect screw terminals
  • Small compact size and easy to mount high quality plastic


Application: Inverter Air Conditioners, UPS, Ice Maker, Refrigerator, Power Supplies, Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment and other Sensitive Equipment.