Glong Autojet Water Pump System 1HP

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JET-P series are suitable for pumping clean water. They are particularly suitable for domestic applications such as supply water from wells, pools, etc, the automatic distribution of water by surge tanks and pressure switch, gardening, and increasing of water pressure.

Pump body: Cast iron
Impeller: Brass / PPO
Shaft: 45# steel / stainless steel
Insulation class: B / F
Protection class: IP44 / IP54
Mechanical seal: Carbon-ceramic 

1HP Glong Water Pump

  • Waterpump 50 l/min
  • 2850 rpm
  • Max Head - 45 (m)
  • Suction Head - 9 (m)
  • 750 watts Bore: 1''X1''
  • Brass Impeller
  • NSK Bearings
  • Metalized Carbon Seal


24L Glong Pressure Tank 

  • Cast Iron
  • Horizontal


Available in 110V and 220V

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