Windy #7 Series Air Conditioner Wifi Cloud Programmable Remote Dongle

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  • Model: US-OSK03
  • Power Source: USB
  • Type: Plug-In
  • Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Midea
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
  • Voltage: 5 V


How to Use / Instruction Guide:

1. Connect the Midea-Mission USB Wi-Fi Smart kit to the indoor unit via USB interface
2. Install the app (iOS or Android) and have the QR code ready
3. Connect to WIFI and get started straight away...
• First make sure that your indoor unit is turned off
• On the remote control remote control, press the button 7 x at the bottom right of the control panel to activate the AP mode
• After activating the AP mode (WIFI APP mode), it remains switched on for 8 minutes and is identified by AP on the display of the indoor unit
• Open the app and select network configuration
• Scan the supplied QR code
• Select the local WIFI network and enjoy unlimited WIFI Comfort after entering the password