GWS Inline GAC Filter K02-BF-WW

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The World's First Patented Filter that Protects RO Membrane and Faucets:

  • An internal polypropylene post-filter is inserted into the filter cartridge to prevent carbon fines from escaping. Eliminates "carbon black" from water while protecting the RO membrane and faucet from carbon fines, extending RO membrane and faucet life.

Protects the Safety of Drinking Water with Increased Chlorine Removal Efficiency:

  • Inline Filters and UDF Cartridges are filled with 100% pure coconut shell activated carbon with an iodine number of 1000 for improved chlorine removal efficiency.

Highest Quality Materials Ensure Zero Secondary Contamination:

  • Incorporates bacteria-resistant PET pads instead of foam sponges, thus ensuring drinking water stays pure and uncontaminated.
  • All parts are sealed using advanced friction welding technology, eliminating the need for glue and adhesives. 

Industry's Highest Pressure Rating:

  • Cartridge body designed to withstand high pressures
  • Minimum burst pressure exceeds 500 PSI
  • Reduces the risk of damage and/or rupture from water hammer

High Grade Coconut Shell Activated Carbon:

  • Coconut shell GAC is ideally used for various water treatment applications such as reducing chlorine concentrations, removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants, as well as improving taste and odor. 

Acid Washed Activated Carbon:

  • The benefits of acid washed carbon include increased chlorine reduction, better taste, odor reduction, removal of color as well as other organic substances. Acid washed carbon has an even greater internal pore structure, neutral surface, maximum hardness, extended operational life, high volume activity and rapid pH stabilization.


  • T33 GAC Filter
  • 2.1” x 10” (54mm x 255mm)
  • Carbon filter, white, 2-in-1
  • Maximum pressure: 6.9 bar / 100 psi
  • Temperature Range: 40 - 100°F (4.4 – 37.8°C)