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  • Glong Submersible Pump 0.35HP

    WQD1300 Submersible Sewage Pump with cutter is an ideal machine for draining sewage. A high-speed rotating cutter is assembled at the sewage into pieces, to avoid blocking and jamming the impeller. It is suitable for draining sewage in public health...

  • Glong Submersible Pump 0.75HP

    QDX series Submersible Motor Pump is mainly composed by three parts: pump, mechanical seal and motor. Pump is at the bottom part of motor pump, which adopt centrifugal impeller. Motor is at the upper part of motor pump and it can be connected with...

  • Pedrollo Submersible Waterpump 1HP

    Designed to pump clear or slightly dirty water, these pumps are suitable for use in domestic, civil and professional applications and in particular for draining flooded areas such as cellars and garages, for draining swimming pools and reservoirs and for...